F V T V R Λ ( special edition )


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released February 25, 2015

Tracks 1-7 written and produced by vvinter rainbovv, except #2 written with Rob Crooks, #6 written with Cairns, #7 with J. Pillipow.

Artwork by Tasman Richardson.

Mastered by Famine.



all rights reserved


VVINTER RAINBOVV Winnipeg, Manitoba

Synth. Death. Noise.

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Track Name: EVERMORE
When my tired, listless eyes
give way to walls of sleep
which echo silent cries
that plead to me your soul to keep

In dreams we walk together
But here you are a phantom
The Tall Man keeps you here
inducing lucid nightmares

"We are the evermore
who are the only ones
We are the evermore
who will be always"

Doldrums of the spirit world
Consciousness is lessening
inside my body's haunted
this house is suffocating
Track Name: MINOTAVR
I can see thru your bitter mourning
I know the monster that you hide

You assume their tragedy, his death for your pride
It must be lonely in your mind

He is the minotaur
at the core of what you are
waiting to ruin all you've become

He is the vampire
licking at your open wounds
no matter how far away you will run
Track Name: FΛDE ΛWΛY ft. Cairns
If it's gone away, our lives won't be far behind
Rivers calm and fade to grey, the sad truth is not far away

Where we are, their wings are turning black
Nothing left to grow, no reason to live

If the bees fall down, our world's not far behind
Their deaths will dry our lands, their blood is on our hands

Fade Away
Take the Wave
to their grave
Ana bekoach,
g'dulat yemincha,
tatir tz'rura

Kabel rinat amcha sagveinu,
tahareinu nora

Na gibor
dorshei yichudcha,
k'vavat shamrem

"Oh, Mr. Feely. You are so filthy."

"We Have Love."

Barchem taharem, rachamei tzidkatcha
Tamid gamlem

Chasin kadosh berov tuvcha,
Nahel adatecha

Yachid ge'eh le'amcha p'neh,
zochrei k'dushatecha

Shavateinu kabel ushma tza'akateinu,
yode'a ta'alumot

(Baruch shem k'vod malchuto
le'olam va'ed)
Track Name: FVTVRΛ ft. Cairns
Goodbye fair friends
I won't pretend
to regret this day

No secrets kept
I won't attempt
to prolong my stay

My people's wealth
without a doubt
has destroyed this place

Now that we're gone
Flora and Fauna
Explode in grace

In your future
there in no one
Without you there
There will be life
Track Name: DEPARTURE ft. Caliix
Into the fire, into the light
Floating in the sky, leave it all away
Go into the flame, kill another day
Go into the door, throw it all away

Departure, leave this body behind
Departure, leave this state of mind
Departure, leave this body behind
Departure, close your eyes

Close your eyes, open your mind
See the truth, it lays behind
A veil of flesh, society is blind
to the temple of life unconfined

We're gonna pull you in
We're gonna take you down
We're gonna show you things
We'll make you understand
We are the solve and the coagula
We'll pull you out of time and make you see the light

We are the solve and coagula
make you see the light

We are the solve and the coagula
We'll pull you out of time and make you see the light